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Re: Age of Puberty (Girl's POV)

More on Father & Daughter affairs for everyone...


I was lying on the couch in our living room watching gangbang videos on my laptop when my lovely 18-year old daughter Clara entered the living room, wearing nothing but a pair of tight jeans short - her preferred choice of outfit. She had fantastic breasts - full, firm, hard nipples, good bounce - so I fully understand her need to show them off.

"Oh daddy", she laughed. "You getting yourself all hot and bothered again?"

She turned the laptop around so she could see what I was watching.

"Damn, she is hot, no wonder you've been working up a bulge." She nodded at my jeans, which indeed flaunted a hard bulge. She sat down coffee table next to me and spread her legs. "Would you like to cup a feel, daddy?"

For this story to make sense, I need back up a bit and explain to you how we came to have this unusual father-daughter relationship.

Clara has always been somewhat of a 'free spirit'. Growing up, that sensitive, awkward period most girls go through when they start to get self-conscious about their bodies, it just never came to Clara. She kept walking from the shower to her room as naked as the day she was born, kept jumping into the pool wearing nothing but bikini bottoms, kept hanging around our house in only her panties even as her breasts grew larger and larger. I'm not saying she didn't notice her body changing, just that she didn't care. She was extremely comfortable in her own skin, and if she cared at all about what other people thought, it was merely because she when she was in the mood for it enjoyed flaunting what she had.

It just wasn't that big a deal to her.

And since this was how it had always been in our family, it had never been that big a deal to the rest of us either.

Then, just a couple of weeks after Clara's 18th birthday, her mother dropped a bomb on us. She had met a new man, he worked at her restaurant, his name was Steven and apparently was a real sweetheart, and he wanted her to move in with him. She still loved me and Clara and her little brother Sam to death, she said, but that didn't seem to be enough, since she walked out a month later, leaving me to take care of our grumpy 16-year old son and our extremely liberated 18-year old daughter.

Sam took it harder than his big sister. Him and his mother had always had a good relationship, the same way Clara and I had. I guess most children have a favourite parent. Clara, on her part, was a carefree girl, and even though I'm sure she missed her mother, she was very good at focusing at what she had rather than what she'd lost.

She was also great at cheering us up. She knew exactly how to keep us happy, and being selfless came so naturally to her it was like a second skin. The day their mother left - that very afternoon, no more than two hours after she closed the passenger door of the brand new Mercedes and waved goodbye as it pulled out from our driveway - Clara picked up their hiking backpacks, stuffed them into the back of her old Ford Sedan and drove all the way up to Pulau Pinang for a 3 day brother-sister camping trip.

They were bound to have a good time up there. I'm sure she went skinny dipping when her prudent little brother wore bathing-trunks reaching at least to his knees, and he probably taught her how to burn marshmallows into black little pellets. Yeah, my kids were pretty much each other's opposites.

When they came back, he was rosy-cheeked and excited, and had so much to tell me he literally did not stop talking all night, even with his mouth full of curry from a jar at dinner. It was like he'd turned 11 again. My heart melted at the sight of him so happy. With what I know now, it's possible that his wonderful sister did more for him than just taking him camping, but I doubt it. Clara had a real knack for knowing what people needed, and what Sam needed was a real, wholesome weekend in the wilderness, nothing more and nothing less.

Me, on the other hand, was not the wilderness kind, I regret to say. I relaxed by hanging out in the couch, watching Netflix and porn, endlessly scrolling through Facebook or Reddit. My life was bleak, to say the least. Nothing was ever particularly exciting, and even less so since my wife had left.

But of course, my lovely Clara knew exactly what I needed.

I was in the kitchen cooking up some mac-and-cheese when Clara snuck up behind me, wrapped her arms around my waist and rubbed my tummy.

"Well hellooo little Daddy!"

"Hi honey bunny", I answered, turned around and ruffled her hair. She was pretty decently dressed, shorts and an old t-shirt with David Bowie.

She jumped up on one of the high chairs, wrapped her long, straight hair in a careless knot in her neck and said:

"You know what I think we should do today, dad?"

"Nopse", I said, pouring the mac-and-cheese soup into two bowls, since Sammy was still at football-practice.

"We should watch a porno together, just you and I!"

I frowned at her.

"Come on, Clara. Dads and daughters don't watch porn together. Not even daughters like you."

"Dad! Are you saying I'm not a good daughter?"

I snarled and peered at her under my eyebrows, pretend-angry, and slid a bowl of sad macaroni slime across the counter. She laughed playfully.

"But really, daddy, I think it would cheer you up!"

"I can watch porn all by my lonesome, thank you very much."

"Yeah, that sounds fan-didey-tastic, totally. Oh, come on, daddy, just give it ONE go, that's all I'm asking. Don't be such a prude."

I don't think my daughter had much of a grasp of the concept "prude", to be honest. To her, 'prude' was a synonym to 'sad'.

But watching porn with my daughter? I wouldn't think so. There were boundaries, even in our family.

"Honey? No", I said sternly.

"Aww", she said and made an exaggerated pouty face. "Ok well, suit yourself." She winked at me and bounced out to the living room. A second later she bounced back in and picked up her bowl. "Changed your mind yet?"

I threw her a stern glance, and she laughed and disappeared.
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Re: Age of Puberty (Girl's POV)

I sat down and ate my sloppy soup. The suggestion had been a little bit too easy-going, even for my daughter. I worried that it was some kind of delayed reaction to her mother leaving. I should probably google it later, 'acting out sexually parent leaving' or something. Not that any of it would apply to my very special daughter.

I finished my bowl, rinsed it in the sink and went the living room to get my laptop. To my surprise, Clara was lying in the sofa with my computer on her lap, watching a movie, and judging by the sound of it, it was pretty hard-core.

"Hi dad", she said, her voice oddly husky. "I found this little gem in your bookmarks. I bet you watch it a lot." She blinked at me and I felt a blush heating up my cheeks.

"Uhm, honey ... Can I please have my computer?"

"Sure, dad. After you watch this with me." She pulled herself up against the armrest, placed the laptop on the coffee table facing the sofa - a woman moaning loudly as she took a massive cock in the ass - and spread her legs to create a space for me between them. That last part wasn't exactly unusual, but sitting between her thighs while watching a porno was ... well, different. It wasn't easy-going, it wasn't careless. More like premeditated and suggestive.

Still, I found myself curious about where my daughter was going with this, so I sat down between her legs, and we started watching the movie together. The pornstar was sexy as hell, and there was a bit of story and everything. Apparently, she had hurt her leg at the gym - I missed that part - and now there was a personal trainer or three at her house, helping her train a bit more than just her leg. It was pretty hot, and I could feel the bulge growing in my jeans. I peeked over at Clara to see if she noticed, but she just smiled at me and kept watching the movie.

"This is actually turning me on a bit", she said, and without further warning, she let her hand slide down between her legs and started caressing her pussy right in front of me.

"OMG!! Clara!" I exclaimed, covering my eyes. "Don't do that shit in front of me."

"You're being a prude again, dad. What's the point of looking at pornos if you can't get off a bit when you're watching? I mean, it's not like you're not ready to have a run at the old family mill yourself", she said, nodding at my crotch.

"Clara, that doesn't make any sense."

She laughed.

"Oh, come on, dad. Live a little." And with that, she took my hand and put it gently right in between her wide-open legs, only a little bit of denim separating my fingers from her pussy.

"Oh for crying out loud, Clara!" I snatched it back and got out of the couch. I wanted to look angry, like an upset father about to send this little girl to her room and ground her for three weeks, and that's that! But it was incredibly hard to show authority when the bulge in my jeans grew harder and harder.

"Dad ..." she said with a soft, sweet voice. "It's alright. You can touch me. It'll feel really good, and you don't have to feel ashamed about it."

"Clara ..." I tried not to hesitate, but I felt my resolve weaken.

"I know you want to, and it's ok. I want you to do it. Sitting here all alone watching sexy girls getting fucked all day long, it can't be much fun for you. You can feel me up, it's alright. Just this once."

I couldn't tear my eyes off her crotch, no matter how much I wanted to. The woman in the movie was about to come, loudly, and there was my daughter, offering me a get-out-of-jail card - literally - to feel her up as we watched porn. I knew I shouldn't. But even thinking the sentence 'I know I shouldn't', I knew I would.

Just this once.
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Wink Re: Age of Puberty (Girl's POV)

I sat down. She spread her legs a little bit more and smiled suggestively. I reached out and let my hand softly caress the outside of her jeans shorts. My cock tugged at my pants, eager to come out. I touched the soft skin between her inner thigh and her pussy, and lifted the edge of her quite visible panties just a little.

"This feels nice, dad", she whispered. She wasn't wrong. I carefully grabbed her mound again, softly kneading her pussy with my palm. To my surprise, I realized my other hand had moved down to my own crotch, rubbing the bulge with long strokes.

"Take it out, dad. Make yourself feel good." Her voice was seductive, almost sedative. I was hypnotized by feeling my daughters pussy under my hand, hearing the pornstar working up to what must be her fourth orgasm with her three personal coaches, and in the light of all of that, taking my cock out just didn't seem all that extreme.

She let me grab and caress and rub her through her shorts while I stroke my cock. At one point during this dreamlike bubble moment she had pulled up her Bowie-shirt and started caressing her own nipples. Her normally extremely sexy breasts had never looked this hot before. Seeing her flashing them and man-handling her own nipples pushed me over the edge, and I came hard and fast, cum shooting all over my hand and pants while I grabbed her pussy hard, hardly even knowing that I was doing it. She caressed my hand between her legs as I let the last drops pump out and fell back on the sofa, limp, relaxed and totally satisfied.

She carefully lifted my hand off her pussy, stood up and said:

"I'll get you some tissue, dad."

Then she kissed my forehead and went out to the kitchen.

That was the first time my daughter did her one of her magic pick-me-up tricks on me. Everything would probably have been a lot easier if my thing had been to go camping, but it turns out my thing was sex, and I was lucky enough to have a sex toy living in my house. I knew I shouldn't have let my daughter please me, and it's hard to explain why I did. Things were different around our house from most other houses. Obviously. It was like we were living in some kind of a bubble all the time, where it was ok to love each other the way we saw fit. It didn't seem all that wrong, is what I'm trying to say. Maybe all those years of seeing her naked body grow up and getting used to her completely limitless approach to nakedness made it easier to accept it. To allow myself.

It wasn't like we were having sex. Definitely not. There were ground rules. Clara had set them, and we knew exactly where the line was drawn. Well, almost exactly. Claras mind had always been a fluttering entity. You just had to go with the flow.

The day after that first porno incident, the dynamic between us had shifted. Not a lot, seeing how her fantastic breasts were still bouncing around in our faces as always, and she still shamelessly wiggled her naked butt when she danced around the kitchen to some song on the radio, but suddenly, all those little quirks had another level to them. I walked around in a fog that day, a Sunday, and both her and Sam was at home. I couldn't think about anything but my daughter's pussy, what it felt like seeing her spreading wide for me like that, how warm her crotch had been underneath my hand. I longed to slip my it back in between her legs, let my fingers slide underneath her pants and feel her warm, wet cunt. It was terrible. Suddenly I couldn't look at her without my cock growing in my pants - those big, firm naked breasts, the skimpy little white underpants she flaunted, how her butt seemed to be just within my reach every second. I had to touch her again, or I would explode.

Came evening, Sam moping in his room, the right moment finally came. I accidentally walked in on Clara in the bathroom, where she was putting on lotion after having taken a shower. Her foot was on the toilet seat as she was rubbing lotion on her thigh, giving me a glimpse of the pussy I'd seen so many times before but never quite looked at before. Soft, wet, inviting.

"Hi dad", she said as casually as ever. "Taking a shower?"

"Yeah, thought I would", I answered and eyed her hungrily. I noticed her noticing me, and I could have sworn she spread her legs just a little bit wider for me to get a better look.

"Do you want me to help you with that?" I pointed at the bottle of raspberry lotion.

"That'd be great, no way I can reach all the way down my back." She handed me the bottle and turned her perfect, hourglass-shaped, smooth back towards me, and I felt the familiar bulge growing again. I squirted a load of white cream in my hand and placed it with reverence on her lower back. I started caressing her gently, feeling her slippery skin under my fingers, tracing her shapes with the palms of my hands - her waist, her hips, her ass. I slowly let my fingers slide in between her ass cheeks.

"Dad!!" she cried out and slapped my hand. "What are you doing?"

I stared at her.

"Oh. I thought ... you know, last night ..."

"Last night was last night, dad! That doesn't mean you can walk around groping your daughter whenever you feel a little horny!"

"Well, of course not ... Shit, honey. I'm sorry. I must have misunderstood your signals."

"My signals??? What are you on about? I'm not even sending any signals!"

"No, I mean, I guess not." I looked down, deflated. "I'm sorry. I just thought ..."

She sighed.

"Well, it's ok dad. I get it. Just don't do it again, alright?"

My boner was definitely gone. My daughter's body was back to looking the way it always looked - just plain naked. I pinched the bridge of my nose as I left the bathroom.

A couple of days went by. That night in the living room seemed more like a fantasy with each day that passed - a fantasy I intensively wished I wasn't having - and life went back to normal. Or so I thought.

I was in my study trying to finish off a project and replying to a few of the endless emails that kept dropping in at all hours of the day, when Clara slipped in through the door.

"Hi dad, watcha' doing?"

"Answering emails", I said grumpily.

"Sounds like fun! Wanna join me in the tub?"

We had one of those big, outdoor jacuzzi hot tubs out in the back, complete with bubbles and underwater lights, very popular with my children's friends.

"Not a good time, honey."

"I call BS, when is it ever not-a-good-time for a dip in the tub? Come on!"

She tugged my sleeve, and I was easier to convince than I would have liked. Any excuse not to answer emails is a good excuse, and a jacuzzi is better than most.

Too late, I realized the predicament I had placed myself in. There were several rules pertaining to the hot tub, one of which were no swimwear was allowed. It was simply to keep the water clean, but it tended to cause a lot of fuzz and giggles when the kids friends were visiting. To us, it had never really been an issue, and especially not to Clara. Obviously.

But now ... Not only was I going to watch at my beautiful, sexy, enticing daughter naked right in front of me, I was also going to have to sit in a jacuzzi next to her, wearing nothing at all, trying not to get a hard-on.


As she went off to get ready, which is Clara-language for getting naked, I hurried out to the hot tub. I had a plan, and it was simple. I turned on the bubbles, stripped off my clothes and quickly got in to the tub before Clara arrived. Bubbles cover everything, even hard-ons. Shortly thereafter Clara entered the garden, her naked, statuesque body lit up by the underwater lanterns as she graced the three steps to the hot tub. I drank her body with my eyes. The perfect, white skin, like marble against the dark night. Her nipples, hard in the cold air. The tiny, perfectly kept triangle of BLACK hair marking the spot. Everything was perfect. Thank god for the bubbles.

"Dad, why did you turn on the bubbles?" She turned them off. I sighed.

She slowly slid into the water, arms on the edge behind her back, eyes closed, an ecstatic look on her face as she turned it towards the sky.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh ..." The surface splitting her nipples in two, perfect halves, the water lighting those stunning breasts from below, full enough to put her face in shadow. I was rock hard. I discreetly crossed my arms over my crotch.

As her body got used to the heat of the water, she opened her eyes and slid up next to me.

"Perfect, isn't it?"

"Oh yes. Perfect", I agreed wholeheartedly. I looked at the stars to avoid looking at her breasts. She leaned back against the edge of the tub and casually lifted a leg over mine. Instinctively I looked down, before realizing my mistake. Her legs were spread open underneath the surface, light shining up between them like lasers during a rave party. I could see every detail, sharp but fluid in the bright water - a hard, pointy, clearly visible clitoris, soft pussy lips just barely hiding the entrance. I realized I was no longer covering as much as rubbing myself, and flinched as I looked up to meet her gaze. She looked back at me with a little smile.

"Do you like it, dad?" She let her fingertips touch the very tip of her clitoris, and I saw a tiny shockwave go through her loins.

"It's gorgeous, baby."

"I thought you would like it. Do you want to touch it?"

"You have no idea, honey. But you said it yourself, I can't just grope my daughter whenever I feel a bit horny."

She lifted her chin, pointing it at the cock in my hand.

"A lot horny, I'd say." I stopped rubbing I and hid it under my hands. "No, don't stop, dad. It's kinda hot. You have a beautiful cock, did you know that?"

I looked down at it. I had always found my 8 inch, circumcised cock rather mediocre, but at that moment, seeing it with my daughter's eyes, it looked big and straight and hard and proud. Made for slowly pushing into a soft, pining pussy..... ....

Some Videos Surprise!!!!
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Re: Age of Puberty (Girl's POV)

Fingers moved over the back of my hand, carefully lifting it off my cock, only to take its position around my shaft, massaging it softly. In awe, I looked up to meet my daughters gaze, and instead met her lips, delicately touching mine. I felt the tip of her tongue glide over them, exploring me. I kissed her back, one hand resting on her neck, our mouths met for the first time.

She unlocked her lips and looked at me, a mischievous spark in her eyes.

"So, daddy. Would you consider groping me now?"

She might have had to ask twice, but forcing her to ask three times would have been insane. I pushed my hand in between her spread thighs, faster and more eagerly than I had intended, and she giggled like a mermaid as two of my fingers slipped inside her tight, sensational cunt. I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb, too excited to control myself, as two fingers pulled in and out of her, deep and rhythmically. She moaned and moved her hips against my hand. It was heaven. Her hand was caressing my cock - my daughter's hand, for god's sake! - and an explosion of sensations shot through my body. I felt an urge building up inside of me, an urge I had been cultivating since that night in the living room, and I was ready to give in to it.

I slipped my fingers out of her cunt, wrapped both my arms around her and place my hands on her ass. I lifted her, easily through the hot water, and pulled her into my lap, straddling my cock, ready to push it into that magnificent pussy and make my daughter come, long and hard.

"No, daddy", Clara said with a soft voice and lifted herself from my lap. "We can't do that. You're my father, it's not right."

"It is right, Clara", I said, slightly ashamed by the desperation on my voice. "It feels right, and I know it feels right to you too."

"Yes, it does ..." She slipped back down to the spot next to me. "But we still can't, daddy. It's crossing the line. It's not ok."

"But Clara, baby. We have crossed the line already. You helped me cross the line, and I'm so grateful for that. I love your body, I love touching it and being touched, and your lips and your hair in this light and god, Clara, I love you so much."

"I love you too daddy, you know I do." She kissed my fingertips. "That's why I want you to do these things to me. I want you to be happy, and I see how happy it makes you when I let you touch me and play with me and turn me on. You should have seen your face when your fingers entered my pussy. Of course I will let you touch me, daddy. But we have to have boundaries. There has to be some ground rules."

So we sat there in the jacuzzi, me and my daughter Clara, her drawing up the ground rules for our future relationship and me trying to focus enough on her words to remember them, while all I could see was her softly glowing pussy, her firm, silky breasts and her velvety lips. This is what I remembered afterwards:

Touching was only allowed when Sam was not around. I could touch her breasts, pull up her shirt, play with her nipples, suck them, everything breast-related was on the table. She would give me hand-jobs, and occasionally let me finger her, but she drew the line at licking and sucking. And absolutely no fucking. Putting my cock anywhere inside of her was a no-go zone.

The picture she painted was one of endless pleasure - having a steaming hot, naked woman walking around my house with permission to touch her as I pleased - but also of endless throbbing hard-ons, aching for relief. I knew already that hand-jobs would not be enough to get me through the days. But I was not going to break Clara's rules.

I was so grateful to her, my sex goddess, the most selfless, carefree woman I had ever met. My little girl, who knew exactly what everybody needed.

But as I've told you, my daughter Clara was no fan of rules, not even her own. She would regularly push the limits she herself had set. She would straddle me at dinner, right in front of her little brother, pretend-riding my cock like a horse until it was hard enough so she could please herself through the fabric of my slacks. She would kiss the tip of my cock goodnight after I had finished myself watching her fingering her pussy, in spite of the no-mouth-rule.

And her fluid boundaries went the other way too. As I entered the kitchen one day, Clara was already sitting on the counter, naked in all her teenage glory, spreading her legs lightly and caressing her nipples tantalizing.

"Oh Daddy", she said, voice like Sharon Stone, her lips moist and sultry. "My nipples are so hard and tender. Won't you please help me, Daddy?"

"Sure, baby girl, anything for you." I caressed one of her nipples, carefully rubbing it between my fingertips. It was indeed very hard, and the way she winced convinced me it was just as tender as she had claimed. I gently sucked it into my mouth, letting my tongue explore it. She leaned back, steadying herself on the counter behind her, and did her 'Oh daddy! Oh daddy!"-thing, which I knew was designed to turn me on, and by god it did. I started sucking her nipple harder, like a baby would suck its mother's breast, and slipped my hand down between her legs to grab a feel of her clitoris. When I did, she jerked back and said:

"Dad! What are you doing?"

"Baby, I'm just making you feel good." I didn't let go of her clitoris, but she tore herself free and jumped down on the floor.

"You can't just touch my pussy whenever you like, you should ask before you do that."

I looked her, surprised.

"You set the ground rules, honey. You said I could touch you whenever I wanted to."

"Whatever, I'm your daughter, and I should have to have the right to say no when my dad puts his hands on my cunt."

I pointed at my bulge, more often present than not these days.

"And what do I do with this, baby doll?" I blinked at her mischievously and smiled.

"Oh daddy. I just feel strange about it. You're my father, maybe you shouldn't be getting horny by touching your daughter's body."

This wasn't the first time she seemed to change her mind about our arrangement. I knew at heart what she said was true - I should not be touching my daughter that way - but for some reason, hearing her say that only turned me on more.

I wasn't about to violate her, though. I loved her in every way, as a daughter, a woman and a lover.

"Of course, sweetheart. I'm sorry. You just let me know when you feel up for it again."

"Maybe I never do, dad. I don't know. Maybe this is wrong."

I stroke her hair.

"Your call, Clara. I'll do whatever you want."

But later that night, she had a change of mind, again. I was in bed, reading a thriller and trying not to think about her body, her pussy, her lips kissing mine as my fingers were inside of her, to no avail, when my phone beeping broke the silence.

'Please come to my room, daddy. Need your help.'
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Re: Age of Puberty (Girl's POV)

I had no idea. This could go either way. Living with my teenage daughter was quite a ride.

I crossed the hallway to her room, wearing only my night shorts. The door was slightly ajar, and I heard quiet moans coming from inside. So now I knew where was it was going. I sure didn't mind.

Inside I found Clara on her bed, hand down her long pyjamas pants, gently rubbing herself. Her full breasts were held by a ridiculously tiny push-up bra, holding them in place underneath, but barely covering her nipples.

"Hi daddy", she said. "I have this terrible itch that I can't seem to reach, you can help me out, can't you?"

"Sure honey. Show daddy where it is and I'll fix it for you."

I kneeled on the bed below her and gently pulled her night pants off, revealing the itchy spot underneath. No underwear, obviously.

"It's right here, daddy." She spread her pussy lips open and let a finger slip in. I put my hand on hers and let my fingers follow it.

"Is this it?"

"Oh yes daddy, that's the spot. Oh god, that feels good. Rub it hard."

She pulled her fingers out and lifted her hips against my hand. I fingered her eagerly, and made my way up the bed, laying down next to her, my fingers still inside. Her pelvis wiggled and turned, fucking my fingers like they were my cock. She was squeezing her nipples hard, knowing damn well how much I liked watching her hurt them a little bit. She whined quietly.

"Can you lie on top of me, daddy?" she whispered. "Maybe rubbing your cock against me would make it even better."

"Are you sure, baby?"

"Yes, yes I'm sure."

I moved over her, lifting one leg to her other side, and gently pushed my crotch against her naked pussy. The silk of my night shorts so thin, it felt like my cock was literally touching her cunt.

"Oh my god, dad", she moaned. "Push it into me, daddy. Fuck me!"

"You know I can't do that", I said as I pumped my hard cock against her, rubbing her clitoris with it. Her hips met mine, her pussy getting hot and moist through my shorts.

"Oh daddy, fuck the rules, I want your cock inside of me."

"I want my cock inside you too, filling that sweet little cunt, but I'm not going to break your rules."

I was pretty sure she was just saying it to turn me on, to see if I could keep up our agreement, and it was working. She was turning me on like crazy. I grabbed her butt and lifted it from the bed, pressing my cock against her again and again like I was actually fucking her. My lips touched hers, and she hungrily stuck her tongue in mine, her hands around my neck, licking and sucking and tasting. She took my face in her hands and looked at me, her eyes so horny and lustful I almost believed her.

"Can you at least take off your shorts ...?"

I could NOT take off my shorts, that was for sure.

I reached down and pulled them half way down my thighs, and then I slowly lowered my naked cock back down on her crotch.

When my cock touched her, it felt like I was going to come instantly. My arms weakened and I laid down on her chest, her nipples poking me through her tiny bra, my cock pressed against the sweet little triangle between her legs.

She moved, ever so slightly

"Wait honey, wait", I groaned. "I'm gonna cum. You don't want that, not yet."

She laid completely still underneath me as I got my cock back under control, and then I lifted upper body again to look at her.

She looked like a kid in a candy store. Her eyes were glowing with anticipation and she licked her lips. She moved her hands in between our chests and pulled the top of her bra ever so little, her nipples popping out just above the edge.

"Do you like having your cock against my pussy, daddy?" She sure liked calling me daddy these days.

"I like having my cock everywhere on you, honey." I started grinding her, pressing my naked cock against her clitoris, making her squirm. God, this was way to close. A centimeter down, and one of these pushes would put me right into her. At that moment, there was nothing I wanted from life other than to penetrate my little girl, fuck her hard and come inside of her.

Suddenly, her hand was between our loins, and with a slight push, my cock changed position. Instead of rubbing her sweet little triangle, she had now slipped it in between her legs and I was grinding the inside of my cock against the opening of her pussy. That devious, rowdy girl.

"There ya go, dad. Just a little bit deeper." Her eyes sparkled now, out of eagerness or mischief, I don't know. I fucked her on the outside with long, hard strokes. Her hand grabbed a hold my shaft and put the top right up against her opening, and I froze.

"Do you really want this, Clara?"

She looked me in the eyes and smiled sweetly.

"Well ... maybe we shouldn't ..."

Oh my god, she was such a cock tease.

"You sure?" I pushed my cock against her, the tip opening her hole up a little.

"Yeah. I don't think we should. It would be wrong."

I almost passed out as she slid up from underneath me and sat up on the bed, pussy soaked with juices and a few drops of pre-cum, nipples hard and eager.

"Oh my god, Clara. You shouldn't have done that", I said, voice thick and hard.

"I know. It wasn't fair. I was just so turned on by, daddy. Your cock is so fucking nice and big and hard. It's difficult not to beg for it."

I closed my eyes and tried counting to ten. Got to two. I took the deepest breath I had ever taken.

"Ok, baby. I'm glad you let me feel you against my cock, it was lovely."

"My pleasure, daddy. I'm gonna take a shower now, you want to come?"

I imagined myself standing next to her in the shower, a hard-on the size of the Sands Marina fucking Building, her caressing her body all over with foaming soap. I knew I wouldn't be able to contain myself. I would hold my little girl against the wall and fuck her senseless whether she wanted to or not.

"Maybe next time, honey."

"Ok, dad!" She literally skipped out of the room, her breasts bouncing with the almost-bra tucked in underneath them and her pussy glistening between her legs.

I rubbed my cock until I came on her bed. I left the puddle of cum there as I went back to my room, partly as revenge, partly because I thought she would like "the gift".
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Re: Age of Puberty (Girl's POV)

So, back to where this story started: in our living room, me watching online porn, my beautiful daughter spreading her legs, offering me to feel her up a little.

Clara's carefree sluttiness was an incredible turn-on. She had the perfect body. It could have been a statue created by a really skilled -- and horny -- sculptor: big, firm breasts with hard and small but pronounced nipples, a waist so slim my big hands could almost reach around it, and hips that swayed along with her butt as she walked around the house, wearing little or nothing. I would stop her passing me in the hallway, cupping her breast as I slipped a finger or two into her, and she would wriggle like I was innocently tickling her. She would spread her legs and show me her pussy, making herself a little bit wet just to tease me, only to skip off like a school girl. My daughter was so easy-going, beautiful and sexy. And the fact that she let her dad touch and grope and finger her was the sluttiest thing I had ever experienced. I was the happiest father in the world.

Since it was Friday night and no school tomorrow, Sam had a sleep-over at his buddies house, where they were going to play Fortnite until they fell asleep at their screens. It had been several days since me and Clara and been alone enough for anything but discreet groping and touching, and I was getting frustrated. I wanted my fingers inside her as her hand made me come. I was watching porn, because I knew she would pick up on me needing a bit of attention, and it worked like a charm.

"Do you want me to touch your sweet little pussy, honey?" I said as she found me in the living room. "Are you sure it would be right?" I teased and she played along.

"Oh please, daddy-o!" She did her best Sharon Stone-interpretation, throwing her hair over her shoulder, caressing herself through the string she called jeans shorts. "Please satisfy me. I don't care if it's right or wrong, daddy, I just want your big, manly fingers in my little rose." We both laughed, and she came over and straddled me.

"Come on, daddy. I know you want to rip my shorts off and have your way with me."

"Well, obviously. But the no-fucking-rule is still in effect, isn't it?"

She raised a finger at me like a school teacher.

"No putting your penis into your little girl, daddy." I sighed ostentatiously as I unbuttoned her shorts.

"Let's see what we've got here ..." Her little black triangle showed though the opened zipper. I touched it with my thumb and she wiggled her butt.

"Come on, daddy-o. I'm sooooooo hot." She kneaded her perfect tits for silly, pornstar effect.

I slowly pulled the shorts down over her ass -- not an easy task with tight shorts and an ass like hers -- and let my hands glide over it, grabbing and feeling it as the familiar bulge grew in my pants.

She stood up on the sofa, steadied herself on the back rest and slipped her shorts off, one leg at the time, exposing her gorgeous cunt right above my face. I reached up and felt her pussy lips, her clitoris, her opening. She pushed against my hand, and then she crouched down on me, one knee on each side of my head. Suddenly, my daughters lovely, enticing pussy was inches away from my mouth, exactly where it shouldn't be according to her ground rules, and it was getting wet.

"Oh daddy!" She was wiggling again, pretend-moaning like a inconsolable moviestar from the thirties. Oh my fucking god. I wanted to taste her so bad, grab her hips and pull her down on my mouth, licking her, sucking her, downright eating her until she came, until I could feel her orgasm pumping against my face. It would be the closest I had ever been to my daughter. I ached, but held back.

"Do you want it, daddy? Do you want to lick my pussy?" She asked innocently, as she lowered her hips, so close to touching my face I could smell her pussy juices. My cock was exploding.

"Yes", I answered breathlessly and tugged her hips closer to me. "Sit down on my face, honey. Let me taste you."

"Ground rules, daddy, ground rules." She giggled and got up from the sofa. It took all I had not to grab her and violently pull her sweet cunt back on my face.

"God, Clara, don't do that ..."

"Aww daddy, I was just teasing you a little. Don't tell me you didn't like it?" And without waiting for an answer, leaving her almost non-existent shorts on the living room floor, she went to her room to do god knows what.

I took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the totally unsexy pornstar getting head on my laptop as I finished myself. It might have been the most disappointing jerk off ever. Yes, sometimes my daughters carefree sluttiness made my life very, very hard.

I was pouring myself coffee the next morning as Clara came into the kitchen wearing nothing but one of my old, big, worn t-shirts, got a mug from the top shelf in the cupboard and helped herself. She leaned her back against the kitchen counter next to me, sipping on her coffee.

"You know daddy, I've been thinking", she said as she slipped her hand down my silk pj shorts and absentmindedly fiddled with my cock until it grew hard -- god I loved her when she did that.

"Maybe licking my pussy isn't that wrong after all." I almost choked on my coffee. She didn't take notice. "You know, what with all the other things you do to me, your tongue inside me wouldn't be that much different, would it?"

She pulled her hand out of my shorts and turned to me, and I wanted to scream 'no, no baby, keep touching it while you talk!', but I didn't.

"Maybe we should try it, just once. And if it feels right to you -- I mean, you know I don't mind, as long as you like it you can lick me if you want to."

If it feels right? God, everything felt right with this girl. I wanted her climbing me, mounting me, letting me enjoy her body as I pleased every second of every day for the rest of my life.

"Are you sure, honey?"

"Well. I don't mind if you don't, but I have no idea how illegal it is? Could we get into real trouble if I rode your face?"

"Uhm ... probably."

"So, we would have to be really, really careful and keep it a secret?"

"We would, baby." I was hard as a rock, but my heart was soft. Here she was, my sweet baby, ready to let me lick and suck and eat her pussy just to make me happy. I loved her so, so much. But I still feared we were about to cross a line she would regret crossing, and I didn't want to lose this relationship with my little girl.

"I'm worried you'll change your mind afterwards. I care too much about you to make you feel bad in any way, Clara."

"Dad," she said and took my face in her hands. "You KNOW I don't mind. I want you to be happy. If it makes you happy to cross this line, I want to do it. I love you so much, dad, I don't think you can imagine how much."

And with that, she leaned in and kissed my lips, the way only Clara could -- soft and hard at the same time, tender and hungry. Her tongue just slightly inside of my mouth, her breath filling me with all kinds of feelings. I bent my knee just a little, slid my arms around her slim waist and lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around my waist and ended up resting her pussy right on my hard cock. We kissed as she started grinding me softly. I was getting ready to go, but didn't want to let go of her tongue, her face, her taste, so I held out as long as I could. But then I couldn't do it anymore. I was furiously turned on. I put her on her back on the kitchen island, lifted my old t-shirt up over her breasts, spread her legs apart and let my gaze linger on the amazing little cunt I would have in my mouth in less than a second, and then I went down on my daughter's pussy.

I had thought about tasting her all evening, all night long, and all throught the morning, but my fantasies had not been anywhere close to the sensation of letting my tongue roll around her clitoris, feeling her arch her back, hearing her groan. Her pussy lips opened at the slightest touch, and I caressed her opening with the tip of my tongue, only to feel her hands on the back of my head, urging me to go deeper. I lifted her legs, her knees pressing against her shoulders, and buried my face in her, reaching deep, deep down into her cunt, exploring it, tasting it. My mind was exploding, as was my cock, trying to force its way out of my pants, but I had no time for that shit. I pulled my tongue out of her pussy, she moaned loudly, and I closed my lips around her clitoris.

"God yes", she gasped. "Oh Daddy, suck it." I could hear her having trouble breathing, and relished in how much I pleased her. I sucked it carefully as I licked the very tip of her clitoris, making her cry out and try to push my face harder into her pussy. I sucked harder, slowly building her up, trying to control myself when all I wanted was to make her come as hard and fast as possible. I held it in and pulled back slowly, tugging it a little until it slipped out of my mouth with a tiny plop. She screamed. I leaned back in and started sucking her clit as hard as I baby would suck his mum's breast for milk, and she screamed:

"Yes dad, yes dad, oh god dad, oh god!!" when I heard the front door slam and a face poked into the kitchen.

"What on earth are you guys doi ... Oh. My. God ..."
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Re: Age of Puberty (Girl's POV)

It was my wife Karen. Clara's eloped mother. I froze, my mouth in Claras pussy, my eyes locked on Karen.

"Oh god dad, don't stop, I am so, so close to cumming, don't fucking stop!!" Clara cried. I let go of her clitoris.

"Clara ... your mum is here ..." I said quietly without letting my wife go with my eyes, afraid of what was going to happen next.

"I don't give a shit, daddy, just fucking lick me, make me cum! Suck my clit, dad, come OOONNN!"

I stared at her. That could possibly have been the hottest thing I had ever heard someone saying. My daughter was screaming for me to suck her pussy in front of her mother.

"Oh. My. God." Karen said again and dropped her bag.

I couldn't help myself. I dove back into my daughter's pussy and resumed my task of making her cum. She was still crying out as I softly and carefully bit her clitoris, and I could feel the orgasm building up inside of her as she rhythmically pushed her hips against my face.

"You take your fucking mouth off our daughter!!" Karen screamed, regaining her composure. "Let her go right away, you fucking perv, or I swear to god I'll ..."

"No, mum!! Please! Don't stop him, I've gotta ... I've gotta ... OH MY GOD!!" she screamed as the convulsions hit me. I kept sucking her, ruthlessly, and she kept coming hard, as we both heard her mother screaming at us. Clara probably heard as little of it as I did.

As her waves began to subside, and I slowly let go of her clitoris, I noticed that Karen wasn't approaching us to try and stop us. She probably found the whole thing too off-putting to want to be anywhere near us.

"For fuck sake, STOP THAT, right this very instance!" She couldn't stop shouting.

"Mum, calm down, it's ok", Clara said, got off the kitchen island and turned to her mother. "He wasn't raping me or anything. I told him he could, I was the one who asked if he wanted to. He's done nothing wrong, mum. It wasn't his fault, not at all" She talked with a low, comforting voice, trying to reassure her mum, a task I was pretty sure she was going to fail.

"But it WAS his fault, Clara, and it IS wrong!! It's sick and perverted and it makes me fucking sick!!"

There was something about making my daughter cum in front of her raging mother that turned me on more than I could had ever imagined. As the women talked, I watched Clara's naked ass, alluring and sweet, and my cock throbbed. It screamed to be released from the constraints of my pants, so I did. It snapped out like a bow string and I heard my wife screaming:

"Put that fucking thing back into your pants or I swear to god I'll ...!!"

"You'll what, Karen?" I answered calmly, and saw her face turning white. She fell back on a kitchen chair, staring at me, trying to come to terms with the fact that she couldn't actually do anything to stop her daughter from getting fucked by her own dad.

"Mum ..." Clara said carefully and walked around the kitchen island towards her, one palm stretched out. "Mum, easy, let me explain ..."

I was rubbing my cock in my hand now, desperate for relief. Clara tried to take her mums hands in hers as she kneeled down in front of her, locking eyes, but she snatched them away.

"Mum, there's nothing wrong with making someone feel good, not ever. I'm an adult. What I do with my body is up to me, and if I want to let my parents use it, that's a good thing." She slowly slipped her mums skirt up a few inches.

My chin dropped. I stopped rubbing my cock as I stared at my daughter, as did her mum. She seemed frozen in shock as Clara exposed her mums naked pussy. No underwear. Well, like daughter like mother, I guessed.

Karen still seemed completely taken aback, unable to react to her daughter's inconceivable actions. But Clara just kept going.

"See mum? It's not a big thing. I want to please dad, it makes me happy. Feeling him come in my hands is amazing." And with that, she slowly slid her hand along Karen's inner thigh until it met the short, trimmed hairs on her pussy, and continued in between her pussy lips. I saw Karen gasp. I didn't know if she was still unable to move, or if she just didn't want to anymore. I knew what Clara's fingers felt like, and would guess Karen was as mesmerized by her touch as I had been the first time. Still was, to be honest.

I realized I had started rubbing my cock again. Clara's fingers were inside of her mum's pussy now, slowly pushing in and out. She had dropped eye contact and was looking at Karen's cunt as she let her other hand join the first, fingers sliding up and down between her pussy lips, softly rubbing her clitoris.

Karen audibly gasped. It was obvious she couldn't get away anymore, it was as if she had touched an electric fence and was stuck. Clara's touch was like that, an electric fence.

And then, Clara leaned in and let her tongue slide over her mum's cunt, and Karen bent her head back and let out a quiet moan.

I couldn't take this anymore. My daughters face in her mum's pussy turned me on like crazy. I made a decision I knew wasn't mine to make.

I walked up to them -- Karen didn't even notice as she was facing the ceiling, eyes closed, hands resting on Clara's head. Clara was on her knees in front of her mum, her beautiful ass exposed in all its glory. I got on my knees behind her, grabbed her hip and wet my fingers in my mouth to moister her pussy, but of course it wasn't necessary. She was soaked already.

I placed my cock against her opening, caressing her sweet ass with the other hand, whispering "Lovely Clara. Wonderful, amazing, beautiful Clara", as I finally, slowly pushed my cock into her tight, delicate, gorgeous pussy.

She turned her head, eyes wide.


"My wonderful baby, it's ok, isn't it? I want you so bad, sweetheart. I want to feel your pussy around my cock so bad, I want to cummed in you. It can't be that wrong, can it?"

She smiled warmly at me.

"No, daddy. It can't be that wrong", before her mother forced her face back toward her pussy and pushed her in.

I started to fuck my daughter, slowly at first, then faster and faster. For every thrust, I pushed her mouth into her mother's cunt, so I tried to go easy. Her mum was crying out loud by now, lifting her hips against her daughter, trying to fuck her mouth. Clara took it, rubbed her face into her mums cunt, probably licking and sucking and eating the way I had licked, sucked and ate her just a minute ago.

"God Clara!!" Karen screamed. "Oh my baby, oh my god, oh my god, just ... oh my gooood!!" She panted and looked down at her daughter's head, rhythmically being pushed into her pussy. "Oh god baby", she whispered. "Don't stop honey, just ... please don't stop ... I'm about to ... oh. my. god ..."

I saw an orgasm building up inside her, and I couldn't help but fucking Clara harder, my hips had a mind of their own. I held her ass so hard I could feel my fingernails sinking into it and knew that I didn't have many seconds left in me.

Karen's face was one of total bliss as I saw her coming in her daughters face, her clitoris probably wrapped in Clara's tongue, pressing her closer against her pussy as her body shook with pleasure.

And I emptied myself inside Clara. I pressed her hips against my cock and groaned her name over and over again as my cum pumped into her pussy. I heard my wife sobbing as Clara licked the last juices from her pussy, muffled sounds of "yes daddy, fill me up, cum in me, please daddy" coming from within. And I did, hard and deep. She turned to me, put her hand on mine and smiled as I emptied my last drops in her, dropping down on her back as I felt my cock sliding out of her.

Karen stroke her hair.

"Oh my god, baby ... what have we done?"

"It's ok, mum", she said, licking Karen's juices off her lip. "You liked it, didn't you?"

"Oh my angel. It was the best thing I ever felt." She stroked her cheek and let her hand slide down underneath her chin, eyes full of love and gratefulness. I knew exactly how she felt.

I kissed my daughter's ass, spread her cheeks lightly and touched her asshole with my lips.

"Was it good for you too, dad?"

"It was perfect, Clara."

She leaned in and kissed her mum, softly. It looked innocently enough, but I knew Clara's tongue was slipping into Karen's mouth, exploring her, enjoying her. Karen held her face between her hands and kissed back, hungrily.

Then Clara straightened up and came over to me, kissed me lightly on the lips and whispered:

"Thank you, dad."

"No, thank you, baby."

She picked up her coffee on the counter and took a sip, and then spit it out in the sink. Her mother and I stared at her, so casual and back to normal in less than a second.

"Cold", she said and poured herself another cup.

Seeing her daughter doing the ordinary, everyday gesture of drinking a cup of coffee made her stand up and collect herself. She tugged her skirt down and suddenly looked confused, verging on scared.

"Well ... uhm ... ok", she said, voice trembling. "Maybe I should ... go ... I have, you know ..." She pointed at the door. "... somewhere I need to be. I mean ... Sven is waiting outside ... I mean, no not exactly outside, I just ... I just have to go now ..."

She took a couple of steps backwards, bewildered, before she almost stumbled and turned around to get out of there.

"Bye mum! I love you!" Clara shouted after her, but didn't get an answer. Her mum was gone.

Clara nodded her chin at something on the floor behind me. I turned to look.

"She forgot her bag", she said and took a sip of her coffee.....


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Re: Age of Puberty (Girl's POV)

Nice share bro, thanks!
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