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Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread


Thanks for bro Okai for pointing out that there is a new spa in Batam Centre. Finally there is a place for naughty activities in that area, hehe..

Based on the information given by Okai, I went on a commando incursion to suss out the place

LOCATION: Batam Centre, in front of Sahid Batam Hotel

The dropped pin marks the location of the spa. It is located on Level 3 of this warehouse-looking building right next to this restaurant called Chemistree. The other prominent landmark is Prudential, which sits right next to Chemistree. Further down the road is Lovina Inn Batam Centre. On the opposite side of the road is Saung Sunda Sawargi restaurant.

Walk down the side road with Chemistree on your right and you should arrive at this area with the cloth banner; the elevator to the spa is located inside.

Exited the elevator and I was greeted with the below sight;

The 2 cashiers greeted me and handed me a locker key.

Was led to the locker & facilities area where I locked my barang2. Shorts and robe are provided in each locker. The area still looks rather spartan; being just opened about 1 week ago, the spa doesn't look completed yet.

At this moment, there is a small hot pool, an even smaller cold pool (looks like it can fit only 4pax) and a sauna room. Don't see any steam room or O2 room (there is however one "room" that is still bare concrete. Maybe that's a steam room in the future?).

The one thing that caught my attention were the TV screens that showed the pictures of the therapists. This is the only full facilities men's spa in Batam that shows the pictures of the therapists for your selection. There were about 15-20 therapists on the screen, with the available therapists in green, working therapists in blue and therapists who were off duty highlighted in white.

The GRO explained the package to me. The massage package is priced at 395k for executive room and 445k for suite room (comes with bath tub). This DOES NOT come with HJ. There is currently a 30% soft opening discount for these pricings until 15 Jan, not sure if they will extend the promotion.

To get HJ, you need to add on the DOUBLE PLEASURE option, which as the name suggests, gives you TWO handjobs; cost is 55k. Discounts are not applicable to the add-ons.

I understand that in the future, they will add on another option of having the therapists jack you off with their thighs, but this option is not active yet.

The executive room is standard, similar to the other men's spas with shower area but no TV.

The therapist that I picked (M**) is a 22yo SYT, but has already worked in Delta Spa for 4 years (3 years in Batam and 1 yr elsewhere). Quite tall and attractive, I would rate her a 7/10.

The sequence was a HJ first, followed by a good, strong massage (I was surprised that it was good, I usually don't expect much from therapists in HJ spas) and finished off with another HJ.

M** was very pleasant and we had a nice chat during the course of the session. I was surprised that there wasn't any upsell attempts given that she was formerly from Delta Spa. I offered her 100k, then 150k to take her clothes off but she declined. I asked her how much she wanted and she said 500k..!!

I told her that for 500k, I can get an FJ with change to spare and she just smiled. However, she allowed me to full autoroam and I managed to get my hands in her blouse and under her bra auto-tuning her nipples, so that's not too bad la.. In the end, just tipped her 50k.

After the session, settled my bill and left.


- Can see pictures of the therapists and make your choice based on what you see
- Massage is good and strong
- 2 HJs

- At 395k for 90min massage (without HJ), it is rather expensive without the 30% discount. I hope they continue with the discount
- I'll hazard a guess and say that the therapists are all seasoned lao jiaos from established spas like Delta, and they weld a BIG carrot chopping cleaver. 500k to strip..!! I'm still in shock.. Lol...

To conclude, if they continue with the 30% discount and I'm in the area, I will still RTM Venus Spa. If no more 30% discount, New Spa in BCH is still the far better option.

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