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Re: CAT 150- Big Boobs FRs

Originally Posted by dirk_diggler View Post
Just came back from a bonk with two of my bros tagging along and decided had to contribute my FR...keke...My bros took Lan Xin and one another gal cannot remember the name...whilst I took Qiqi as recommended...n boy I was not disappointed...she is the Anna Ohura of GL, her boobs are huge man! Here are my ratings : -

Looks : 9/10 SYT with devil body....she has that doe-eyed look and she knoes how to flaunt it...a gal that you would love to take hm to your folks and for your frens to see and envy.
Body : 9/10 She has humongous 100% authentic boobs,tear shaped mammaries without the green veins running through although she is very fair which I liked a lot. She is definitely a D cup! She has a nice peachy ass too.
Foreplay : 8/10 This gal is quite gd in making you feel high, with all her little womanly teh sounds and that playful demeanour. But minus point is that she doesn't french.
BBBJ : 7.5/10 She blew me once in the shower and another time during foreplay, n she did some deep throat at some point of time. Must say its quite gd but not excellent as I like a lot of alternating between licking and sucking, she basically just suck only...not much licking.
FJ : 8.5/10 She did a cowgal on me fast and furious, followed by me missionary and that was it...basically I am not a stamina player hehe...she has nice peachy looking cunt lips with sparse hair...which was quite alluring for me...
Overall : 8.5/10 Must say she is quite gd for a newcomer, knows how to make u feel gd with some little jokes at times and that CFM looks. Her attitude is also quite gd. Gd bonk overall. Worth a try bros
Sorry to dig up an old thread. I am a fan of Anna Ohura, if Qigi is still around I would not be hesitate to try here.
All titts are small after trying Xiao Xiao

Itching for Japanese pussy after trying one in Osaka

I would love to try a busty fair Indian, very exotic feeling to try something different. (2017)
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