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CAT 150- Big Boobs Listing

0819 >> Ding Ding(B+ pink 1.56m), Kai Xin(B+), Wan Wan(C), Xiao Bing(B+/C brown big 1.66m), Xiao Xue(C pinkish 1.6m), Yun Yun(B+ pink 1.65m)
1425 >> Ah Yen (C 1.57m)
1429 >> Bei Er(C brownish 1.62m), Ling Ling(C brownish pinkish 1.62m), Yao Yao(B+)
1431 >> Han Han(ENH B+ 1.7m), Li Na(C light brown big 1.63m)

1606 >> Lisa(B+ pinkish), Rong Rong(C light brown 1.68m), Ting Ting(B+)
1606A >> Xiao Hong(B+ brown 1.65m), Xiao Xue(B+ 1.63m), Xiao Yan(B+ 1.6m), Xiao Yu(B+/C pinkish 1.68m)
1608 >> Ge Ge(B+), Jiu Jiu(B+), Li Li(B+ pink 1.64m), Xiao Xiao(B+ brownish 1.58m)
1612 >> CK(B+/C light brown 1.64m), Eva(B+ light brown 1.58m), Emily(B+ light brown 1.58m), Evon(B+ pink 1.6m), Michelle(B+ light brown 1.59m), Serena(B+), Xiao S(B+ pinkish 1.6m)
1615 >> Co Co(B+ brown 1.63m), Le Le(C 1.64m), Lu Lu(B+), Tong Tong(C light brown 1.63m), Yan Zhi(C 1.58m bah bah), Yi Yi(C+/D 1.52m)
1617 >> Jia Jia(B+ 1.58m), Jia Qi(C), Jia Xi(B+/C 1.62m), Jia Yi(B+ light brown 1.56m)
1639 >> Tang Tang(C light brown slight sag 1.62m), Na Na(ENH B+ light pink 1.6m slim)
1651 >> Li Li(C 1.52m), Na Na(C), Xue Er(B+/C brownish 1.55m), Yang Yang(C)
1654A >> Fei Fei(B+/C), Jia Jia (D pink small 1.62m), Jo Jo(ENH C+ 1.7m pink), Judy(B+/C), Lu Lu(B+ pinkish 1.6m), $$$$ $$$$(D pinkish sag 1.55m), Na Na(ENH B+ light brown 1.73m), Ni Ni(B+/C pinkish 1.6m), Xiao Nu(C+ light brown 1.63m), Xiao Xue(C pink), Xiao Yi(B+/C), Xiao Yu(B+ pinkish 1.6m), Yi Yi(D pinkish 1.62m), Yo Yo(ENH B+ light brown 1.63m)
1667 >> Na Na(ENH B+ light pink 1.6m slim)
1669 >> Le Le(C 1.54m), Xiao Bing(B+ pinkish 1.67m), Xiao Ping(C)

16W04 >> Han Zhi(C+/D pale pink small 1.57m), Tian Tian(B+/C 1.63m)
16W06 >> Amy(C brown 1.56m), JC(B+ 1.63m), Man Man(ENH B+ brownish 1.66m), Mei Li(B+ 1.6m)
16W12 >> Ke Ke(B+/C 1.62m), Ping Ping(C 1.6m slim)
16W15 >> An Qi(B+ light brown 1.56m), Bao Bao(B+), Fei Er(C), Ye Zhi(B+ 1.64m)
16W17 >> Jia Qi(C+/D light brown big 1.6m)
16W19 >> Bing Bing(ENH B+/C slim), Bo Bo(C), Yan Yan(ENH B+ light brown 1.66m), Yan Zi(B+), Zhen Zhen(B+ pinkish 1.66m curvy), Dou Dou(C+)

1803 >> Le Le(B+ 1.67m), Si Qi(B+ brown 1.61m)
1805 >> Co Co(B+ pale brown 1.62m), Duo Duo(C brownish 1.58m), Ferrari(ENH C light brown 1.65m)
1809 >> Apple(C pale brownish 1.63m), Mango(C 1.67m), Xin Xin(C 1.65m)
1817 >> Bei Bei(C+/D 1.6m), Li Li(C brown 1.56m), Qian Qian(ENH C brown), Tao Zi(C 1.68m)
1854 >> Apple(B+ brownish 1.63m), Doreen(C pinkish, KK(B+ light brown 1.57m)
1856 >> Bai Xue(B+ pink 1.7m), Chanel(B+ 1.67m), Li Cha(C), LV(B+ 1.55m), MoMo(B+ pink 1.59m), Shui Mi(C pink 1.58m slim), To To(C), Xue Mei(C)

2017 >> Le Le(B+ 1.66m)
2033 >> Mei Mei(C pink), Mei Qi(B+/C brown sag 1.66m)
2038 >> Bai He(ENH C 1.6m), Hu Die(C), Mango(C), Wen Wen(B+ 1.64m), Zi Wei(C light brown)
2040 >> Xiao Bei(B+), Xiao Min(B+ light brown 1.58m)
2041 >> Bobbi(B+ brown. 1.57m), Duo Duo(B+ 1.6m), Gi Gi(ENH C 1.6m slim), Hai Yang aka Ocean(C 1.63m), Lily(B+ pink 1.58m), Lisa(C light brown 1.7m), Xiao Xiao(ENH B+/C pinkish big 1.6m), Xue Er(C), Yuki(C), Zi Qing(C+ brownish slight sag 1.58m curvy)
2043 >> Mikione/Miki1(C)
2045 >> Feng Huang (C brownish 1.61m), Piao Yang(B+)
2047 >> Jia Le(C), Jia Mei(B+), Jia Ni(C pink 1.62m), Jia Zhen(ENH B+/C light brown 1.6m)
2058 >> Da S(B+/C pale brown 1.6m)
2062 >> Fei Fei(C 1.58m), Wen Wen(B+ 1.63m), Xue Er(C brownish), Yo Yo(C brownish pinkish bit sag)
2062A >> Fei Fei(ENH B+ 1.7m), Qi Qi(B+), Xiao Xiao(B+ 1.58m)

24M13 >> Ba Ba 88(C), Jiu Jiu 99(B+/C pinkish 1.64m), Ling San 03(B+ 1.62m)
2831A >> Mi Qi(C), Paris(B+/C brown 1.62m)
3033 >> AC Milan(ENH C+ 1.63m curvy), Fei Fei(ENH C pale brown 1.68m), Tina(B+ 1.55m), Wen Wen(C lightish brown 1.62m)
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