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Batam Food List Page 1

Newly updated as of 13th Jan 2016 from the older Batam food list during Nov 2014,with new eateries added.

1st i have the Beginner's Guide for 1st Time Batam Visitor to help any inexperience bros who wish to travel to Batam to start their 1st step there. Once they were able to step in there and get their most basic necessities like accommodation,they will want to look for their companion/s in hope to have a good time. Here is where the Batam Cheong List (last updated on Oct 2015) comes into play.It contains most of Batam's entertainment places.

If you have some time while planning your Batam trip, you may wish to READ THIS to get to know more about Batam to further equip yourself.
(they are basically another part of my knowledge reference on Batam made into one single post)

Well,the next step after having find yourself a "Good Time" would be body replenishment. You would likely be looking for something to fill yourself up,hence the Batam Food List is created today. The Food List is what i have consolidated from posters in this thread who share good food places,some are research from other websites and some from my own experience. It is a combine effort of everyone's fair share of experience and knowledge all added together.

Like always, i mainly consolidate all these experiences,knowledge and effort into one single place FREE for all to reference when they visit Batam.

I will continue to update this food list at my free time or whenever i find enough new info to call for an update. And to my promise from a post i made many months ago,i now present my collection of Batam Food Places all in one post :

The Batam Food List

Batam Food Court :

1. Baba Street Food Court

2. Indo Rasa Food Court

3. Astro Food Court and A2 Food Court,click on the Spoiler Buttonof the link

4. Eatern Food Court

5. Santaria kopitiam same row as new berlian booking joint (New Berlian is closed for business).

6. Utama 98 Food Court

Batam Sea Food Places

1. Red Crab Restaurant , Red Crab other branch

2. Marine Live Sea Food , Marine Live Sea Food 2

3. Kelong Restaurant - Aneka Rasa

4. Jaya Dado

5. HAI OU SEAFOOD - Seagull Restaurant

6. Rezeki Sea Food

7. RiverSide Seafood Resto (newly added on 12/01/2016)

Batam BBQ Style

1. De Sampan BBQ and Sea Food centre at (Komplek Ruko Green Land)

2. Anah BBQ Stingray 1 , Anah BBQ Stingray 2

3. Singalor Lau (BBQ Pork)

4. Ikan Bakar Acia

Day-to-Day Food in Batam

1. MOMO at Mitra wet market - Batam Center , Momo 2

2. Instar Hotel coffee shop - Bak Chor Mee , Instar Hotel coffee shop 2 , Instar Mie Pangsit

3. MEXIMO Mie Pangsit near Meximo Pub

4. Bai Long Mee Pangsit (Penuin Wet Market)

5. Rony Kwetiau

6. Kampung Medan next to Mitra wet market


8. Ciang Hau Kopitiam - CHICKEN RICE HAINAM

9. Warung Sunda Bu Joko (beside Lai Lai Hotel)

10. Waroeng Lamongan Cak Man

11. Budi Siang Malam - Penuin branch (Chicken Rice)

12. Botak Cun Khas Medan part 1 and Botak Cun Khas Medan part 2 (newly added on 12/01/2016)

13. Mustafa Murtarbak - from Indo Rasa Food Court (newly added on 12/01/2016)

14. Amir Prata @ Teban Center (newly added on 12/01/2016)

15. Martabak Har

Disclaimer : The links and its comment in it are just personal point of view. Everyone has a different taste bud,please be reminded that one man's meat can be another man's poison.

(I have quoted-lock my above post so that others wont have a chance to accidentally quote my whole post.)

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