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Re: Battle Zone, TCSS , Points Exchange included

Originally Posted by SEAJ View Post
NOPE - NEVER answered – just kept repeating you’ve answered.
For indeed there is no way to answer without admitting you’re a crook.
Either you failed in you reading or you really an idiot. But I think you're BOTH.
I've proven your stupidity, in case you forget, do click on my signature, that says
SEAJ's Stupidity.

Originally Posted by SEAJ View Post
Nice try – never questioned Soi6’s credibility – just explained that facts are next to impossible to verify on the internet.
Yup you doubted his credibility, if not why ASKED? Nope, I think otherwise, see I got two facts that stated you're a stealth agent with many clones. As simple as that.

Originally Posted by SEAJ View Post
Yup - got his picture from yet another clone of an agent – God knows who actually!
You crook agents regularly battle each other and do provide the dirt on your competition.
So, when are you gonna use your clone to provide me with some dirt on your rivals?
Wait why in the first place there's a need to use his picture? Unless he is a threat to you, and thus want to piss him off by using his picture. As simple as that.
Wow, then how you know it's Etct88's picture? The clone that provided you the picture surely have long conversation with you right?

Why should I? I got no enemy. It shows you are damn LOW to the extend using someone's picture to engage a debate.

Originally Posted by SEAJ View Post
REAL thanks from a genuine Samster (who is being led into your trap) OR your left hand talking to your right?
As usual just polluting SBF with nonsense, confusing everything.

Well unlike you, collaborated with agents to destroy others. The fact that you chief of anti stealth agents.

Today I just exposed 4 new things.

First you are a CROOK! A BIG one!
Second you showing, if you were to lose in a debate, you tend to scoop low tactics, one of them is using the other party's picture.
Third, instead of exposing that particular stealth agent, you choose to collaborates with him.
Lastly you keep on asking redundant questions, and as usual, you playing skipping.

Well done Shit Stirrer. No wonder you self appointed yourself in this anti stealth agent campaign. As concluded earlier on, your intention just to eliminate those who pose threat to you. As the fact there's isn't any crooks here.
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